Boy, do I have a lot of photos. This is mainly because Linda would take pictures at most of our gigs and some of our just-plain-get-togethers. Thank you honey, even though we complained at the time, we all appreciate it now!

As mentioned above, there are a lot of photos, so keep coming by!

Mudlark Reunion - 2003

Mudlark Reunion - 2004

Vintage "Mudlark" '77

Mudlark at Louie's Rock City - 1979

"The Plexi Plaid Players", 2001

"Mudlark " promo photo - 1981

"The Mudlark Band" - 1982

"The Catch" promo photo - 1989

"The Catch/Mudlark" 1979 - 1999

"Still Like to Rock and Roll" sessions - 1996 - 1997

"The Catch" meets part of "The Fairview Gang" - 1999

Rock and Roll Potpourri

1971 Rock and Roll with Jasper

Special Friends