The "Fairview Gang" was not a "gang" in the real sense. We were not into threatening society or controlling our block, we just had a great time together. Jim, Pat, Harvey, David, Chuck, Jerry and I formed the "core" of the gang. Honorary members included Ronnie, Mike, Ricky, and Chuck's brother, Mike.

My good friend Jim Miner has resurrected some great old photos from "The Fairview Gang" days. Jim wrote a great little piece entitled "Fairview" that you can enjoy HERE

We were VERY into music. Click HERE to get to see "flash from the past" photos of the Fairview Gang in full band mode. Jim's sister Jayne and another good friend, Mike Terpak, are included in these photos. They were also honorary members of the "Fairview Gang".

We also had a variety of "games" that we played to amuse ourselves through our early and mid-teen years. Click HERE to get a taste of some of the athletic endeavors we entertained ourselves with. Some were not so athletic. I was certainly no athlete, which is why you will see no listing of "real" baseball, football, or basketball. I sucked at each of these, so I won't bother highlighting how bad I was for YOUR entertainment!