Dave "Email"  Besley

 Chuck "Junior" Caudill

Paul "Pod" D'Angelo 

Pat "Birdman" Markham

 Jim "Bro' Rat" Miner


"I love my computer!" 

 "Mister Methane Jr., that is."

 "Pod 'n' me, we got to go."

"... and I swear he had a whistle too!" 

"Whaddya mean 'Rat'?"

Starring as:


 The bittersweet story of a bunch of formerly wild and crazy* guys getting together for a weekend to celebrate together and enjoy the fact that they've all made it beyond 50!

You'll laugh.

You'll cry.

You'll grab your children as the "outpatients" hit town.

 You'll gasp over the amount of stories and the pile of B.S. that will be generated.


The members of the Fairview Gang love each other and would do anything for each other:

"Hey, how ya doin'?"

Also starring The Long Suffering Fairview Wives

Linda D'Angelo

"Q", the queen, enduring over 37 years of suffering


Sandra Markham - married to Pat.....

Theresa Besley - he never did return her email

Dara Caudill - living with the real Peter Pan

Also starring Sue Suter who lived in Fairview! - "I'm the girl next door and I just love Ratty!"

And Jayne Miner as Helen "I am Woman Hear me Roar" Reddy

"We must remember Bro' Rat's thoughful essay on The Fairview Gang and all of the implications
of exclusionary dogma." - Mr. Methane-Snotrocket Jr.


The "Mad Darters" throwing live darts at one another! 



The quarter stand on edge!  



 The lawn FLY!



 The couch fire!



The infamous Bacteria Pond!



  Them drag race thru Fairfax County!



 The amazing high jumping feats of the Birdman!



 The amazing pole vaulting technique used by Bro'!



 Junior get wasted by a snowball from 50 yards!



 Hours and hours and hours of ping pong!



 Vanilla milkshakes consumed by the gallon!



 Bro' and E-mail's terrifying encounter while delivering newspapers!



 Twigs and crabapples combined into lethal weapons!


Soundtrack by Jim Miner - Now including TWO hits!

Anna Maria Isle

Listen to "The Ballad of Junior Hambone"

Opening on June 2nd. Limited engagement. No seats available. Check back for how it went.

And remember, Gold Hat says "We don't Charge no Stinking Cover Charge"


Floridaze makes news before it happens!

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