Some of my favorite links

WWOZ-FM New Orleans

Simply the best jazz/blues/funk music station in the world!

The Drummer Cafe

The best place on the net for intelligent discussion of the world of drumming.

The Internet Movie Database.

This is an outstanding site for movie lovers!

The Best CREAM site I've found

Louisiana Music Factory

Get your New Orleans music here!

Song Facts

Great place to play trivia with songs you remember

Jim Miner's website.

Great writing, very entertaining, stop by often!

Those Guys

My old friend David Besley and his band in St. Augustine Florida.

Chuck Caudill

My old friend Chuck living the good life in Florida.

Jazz with Brian Parker

Some of the best non-commercial jazz on the internet.


A great source of information on some of the world's best drummer.


Yes, I admit, I buy bunches of stuff there.