Following are photos of my first and favorite drumset. The snare drum (Acrolite 5"x 14") was purchased in 1964 to satisfy my need for a snare drum when in elementary school.* The bass drum (14"x22") and mounted tom (9" x 13") are both vintage 1965. Purchased used in 1967 at Veneman's music (now a memory) in Silver Spring, MD, they have served me well for the last 35 years. The other mounted tom (8" x 12") and the floor tom (16" x 16") were both purchased circa 1968 at Chuck Levin's Music in Wheaton MD. Work was done at Chuck Levin's in order to add the double tom mount (it was originally a single tom mount). Originally purchased as a "temporary" set until I got my "real" set, these lovely items turned into my "real" set and continue to serve me well.

* Many thanks to Jim Miner, still a dear friend, who helped me carry the snare drum, along with the stand and its case, to Layton Hall Elementary school. We actually had to walk to school back then (in the snow every day and uphill both ways), and me being just slightly bigger than the snare with the stand and case, the help was greatly appreciated.