Mudlark's 6 degrees of separation

a cosmic revelation from Paul

Ok, so you've probably heard of the six degrees of separation, something dealing with Kevin Bacon and how everything is ultimately related to everything else.

Ok people, get ready for him to go on about something really strange.

Oh, so you're here again huh? Actually this is a really great "small world" story.

So what's it have to do with six degrees of separation?

Well nothing really, just thought it would be a cool title for the article.

All right, lame excuse but I guess it'll have to do.

Anyway, we just received an email from an old friend and it amazingly turns out to be exactly 6 degrees (or bullets at least).


Jeez, so your telling me that because you figured out how to get the thing listed in six bullets, that means there are six degrees of separation. Actually, I count maybe 2 or 3.

Well, that shows you why you're just a virtual pain in the ass that happens to hang around our website. IT'S A SMALL WORLD, asshole!

Ok, sorry.

As I was saying, is this a small world or what?

Say tuned to this website for more of life's moments.

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