I have had the privilege of having several articles published in "Modern Drummer" which according to their cover is "The World's Most Widely Read Drum Magazine". Take some time to read them, if you're a drummer you may actually pick up a few useful tips, if you're not, they're entertaining anyway.

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The Checklist

Don't Be "Set" In Your Ways

Being an avid freshwater aquarium hobbyist has kept me busy since about 1970 or so. My wife Linda and I have raised a number of gorgeous fish and have maintained our 70-gallon tank since 1976. I wrote an article for the March 2003 issue of "Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine" entitled "PROPERLY MAINTAINING YOUR FRESHWATER AQUARIUM". Click on the link to check it out. If you are an aquarium hobbyist, you may even learn something new!

Properly Maintaining your Freshwater Aquarium

I've just had a new short article published on the web. Since I'm also a "bird" person, it's a contribution to a website called www.birdsafe.com which is a site dedicated to letting bird owners know how to keep their birds safe, even in a home environment

Bird Article

I've also written a number of songs, most of them just lyrics on a page sadly never turned completely into song. That's the great part about having your own web site. You can share!

Song Lyrics