Mudlark's 2nd re-union - 12/19/04

Photos down to the blue line are provided by Jim Miner.

These are friends whom I have known and loved for years and years. Bob Crerie put together a party at the Red Rocks Tequila Bar in Centreville, Virginia to celebrate music and friendship.


Me and My Honey, Linda

I love this woman!


Milton and I sing backups to Bill Rose's "Second Number". Bill is second from the right. Bill's lead guitar player, Jim Steel, just makes the photo. Bill's band is named "Tad Odd and the Rust Shakers".


Scott, Steve Cooper (hadn't seen him since about 1973) and Tom Kissell. Steve made it big with "Artful Dodger" back in the 70's. I got to jam out with Scott and Steve.


Milton Bullock, Me, Bob Crerie, and Skeeter Phillips, all part of the Mudlark/Catch heritage. Jamming out on Little Feat's "Dixie Chicken".


Milton - absolutely wailing!


Me on those beautiful DW's.


Milton, James, Me, Bob - The Catch!


Yes, another one of me.


Bob coaxes a note from his strat!


Maria Bullock gives Kenney Smith a mid-party massage.


Bob, slip slidin' away.


Jim Miner and Pat Markham, two of my best friends since 1964! Fairview Gang alum.


Bob and Pat jam out.


Pat supplies the bottom end .


Jim, Milton, and Bob.


Bob rocks out with one of his many fans!


Milton wails with Jim accompanying on guitar.


Skeeter supplies the "bottom end" (both for the music and for the web page!)