A little more Mudlark memorabilia.

Starting off with a gem that was somehow saved from a timeless end by Jim Miner (thank you Jim). This is one of the few times I've ever actually played "a concert" instead of "at a bar". It was May of 1977. Mudlark had formed in June of the summer of 1976 (well, that's when I joined up). It was at least several lifetimes ago.

"Liberty" was a group we knew well. Dave and Darryl Bacon, Mike Ault, Eddie Lambert, Larry Burroughs. Dave Bacon is no longer with us, but he is remembered. Darryl Bacon, Dave's younger brother, and I both shared a love of playing the drums. If you can get back into the "wayback" machine, you can see us for only three bucks!

I wonder why "Liberty" got the quotation marks while Mudlark didn't. Hmm.....

Here is one of Mudlark's first business cards:

Another version when we became "The Mudlark Band" (against my will)

And finally, a flyer from the Hazel River Pub in Culpeper, showing the appearance of Mudlark on November 12, 2005.

The band has literally spanned centuries. Not too many rock and roll bands can say that.