I admit it. I'm a one brand cymbal kinda guy. I bought my first Zildjian cymbal in July of 1967. The two separate parts of that very cymbal are represented on this site. I'm sure that if I played other cymbals, I would like them, but I've always found what I wanted in Zildjian.


This is my current 20" Avedis Zildjian Ride. Good for all styles of music.


This is a 15" "K" Custom Dark Crash. Completely different mood than my other crashes.


My 15" Paper Thin Crash. Oh the joy of the quick "crash" and the quick dissipation.


This one completes my "crash" selections. It's a 16" Thin Crash that I've had for so long I don't know how old it is. It still has its moments.


8" K and 10" K splashes. Strangely, the 8" "K" sound just a bit tinny!


12" "A" splash. Really, really nice splash. The best.


Ah, the patina of a really old cymbal (sigh). This is the "top" hi-hat, I think I've had these since the early seventies. Best hats I've heard.


The bottom partner hi-hat. I'm always amazed that after this many years, the small part of the cymbal that rests on the felt still looks brand new (this is after 30 years or so).


Another oldie-but-goodie. Looks like I hadn't learned about cymbal sleeves or something (!). Still has a really great sound, especially for jazz.


This is the outer ring to the very first cymbal I bought in July, 1967. It is an 18" Zildjian crash-ride that succcumbed to unstoppable-cymbal-crack-itis.


The partner of the outer ring, darn near makes a good spash. Nearly.