This is a new CD cover I produced for Jimmy Stockstill, a great guitar player out of Hattiesburg, MS.

Yes, I actually went out (to Wal-Mart) and bought a bottle of whiskey.

And this is a design for the inner sleave

This is a photo of my neighbor's front yard, "quilted" using photo software.

This is the image created for the front page of this website.

This was created by photographing one of my two Ludwig bass drums and using Adobe PhotoDeluxe (as in all of the following) to add text and graphic design.

This was the marketing sign developed for a short-lived business venture "Dark Moon Productions". Professional sign makers were kind enough to compliment the graphic design.

This image was created for use as the home page image of the web site for Mudlark. It has since been taken over by the "license plate" logo.

This design was created by taking a digital photograph of some selected rocks from the garden around our house, then arranging them in front of our backyard fence. The garden tool was added for hopefully obvious reasons.

This image was created for use as the CD cover for the CD that Mudlark never released. Oh well, it was fun anyway!

Again, this was taken in the backyard. The arrangement comprises rocks, twigs and leaves. No cost for modeling!

This next one was quite a bit of fun. It is the cover of The Catch's only official CD "Still Like to Rock and Roll".

Got the old ball and glove out and photographed it in my basement. It's black and white because, well, it was cheaper to produce. This fit our limited budget just fine, thank you!

Following is the design for the CD itself. This design followed in the "baseball" motif (The Catch, get it?) of the entire project.

Done by simulating the "stitching" of a baseball on a flat white background.

I put this cover together for an "older" compilation done by The Catch at Trak Studios in Silver Spring Maryland.

Link to Tiffany Lamp Fantasy

Link to the "Lava Planet"