Drummer migrates back to Virginia


We moved to Louisiana back in 2003 after having lived in Virginia forever.

We moved back to Virginia back in 2005.

Besides coming back "home", my in-house playing venue improved greatly with the move.

There are no basements in Louisiana. This was a new experience for me. I couldn't play in the garage because it was not climate controlled and drums are LOUD in a garage.

Proper neighborhood you know, but that's a different story.

We had a beautiful house in Louisiana, but the layout of the house basically forced me to locate my drums in a walk-in closet. Not just my drums but 2 stereo speakers, a CD player, a cassette deck, and a receiver. Not to mention the overhead mics, small digital recorder and separate mixer. But hey, I could play as much as I wanted:

Oh, and we also used it as a closet. The overhead mics aren't set up in this shot, but they hung from hooks in the ceiling since there wasn't enough room for mic stands!

Ok, we move back to Virginia to a house with a basement!


I grab one section of the basement for my new drum/recording area:

Yes, it's a lava lamp there in the middle. The classic office Christmas party gift.

On the left is the Mackie mixer. On the right is the Yamaha digital recorder.

My collection of snares, nothing to brag about but I love them anyway. Drummers know what I'm talking about.

The requisite presence of Sandy Nelson's "let there be drums" album cover, one of the coolest album covers ever.