Love Song for Linda

Inspired by being separated while she was in the hospital

I'm in this old place that I always call home
But it's not really right cause you're off and gone
It's a nice kind of place that I know like my hand
But without you around it's not all that grand

The house is the same and so is the yard
But without you around I see it'd be hard
For light to be bright as it comes from above
Without the bright light that you are my love

Well I guess you could call this a love song
Never heard one before
From this man of yours
Yeah but I think it's a love song
Cause you just got to know
That I love you so

When you're not around it's the strangest of sounds
The sweetest of voices is just out of bounds
Your laugh and your wit and your beautiful smile
And those sparkling eyes that just do beguile

I'll be seeing you soon and I just want to say
Any moment away is a moment astray
Just to see your sweet smile and those smiling eyes
Will help brighten my life and open the skies



© copyright 2000 Paul M. D'Angelo