A long time, A good time

This is a song written for my wife Linda

Well it started out back in '69
It was the best year of my life
When a friend of yours and a friend of mine
Said "I'd like to introduce your new wife"

Well the time's gone by I feel the time is nigh
That I let you know exactly how it is
Because you don't always find the things are on my mind
Showing up in a song like this

Well I've known you for so many years
And I just can't count the ways
Through all the fears and all the tears
Just how many ways you've brightened my days

Well I hope it goes on all the time
I can't ever see it comin' to an end
My time with you has been so sublime
You've been a grand old dear old friend

It's been long time a good time
I hope it lasts forever
But we know what we share
It won't always be there
We've got to show each other both the way
It's been long time a good time
I hope it lasts forever
But the time that we've spent
You know it's only been lent
We've got to love each other every day

Guitar break (verse and chorus)

It's been up and down and all around
There are times that me and you are in a spin
But we figure it out that's what I'm talkin' about
And then we start it all over again

Well there've been good old days and there've been bad old days
We've been through them in and out and now and then
But I'm always so sure I'm finding just the right cure
It's taking time to spend it with my best friend



© copyright 2002 Paul M. D'Angelo