The Moments of Life

Written in anticipation of weighty medical news

Better be on the lookout for the moments of life
Could be bringing you gladness could be bringing you strife
Don't know what'll be around the corner of the day
Don't know if you'll win it big or if you'll have to pay

Stop and smell the roses you're supposed to do
Taking the time out to keep yourself in tune
Put yourself inside every moment of your life
You really don't know when it could cut you like a knife

You know that any day don't offer guarantees
You got to get what you want you got to get what you please
Knowing what's important is the thing to really know
You got to know when to stop you got to know when to go

The moments the moments the moments of life
Each one of them important, not knowing what you'll see
The moments the moments the moments of life
Live them to their fullest then rewarded you will be

Your life you know yourself that it can change on a dime
Without so much a warning doesn't give you the time
You got to make adjustments, got to keep on keepin' on
You got to know it yourself, you know you'll see another dawn

Don't be messing around with your particular time
Each day can be so wrong or it can be so sublime
Don't be filling your day with all those negative vibes
There's better things a doin' you don't need them inside

They say the darkest hour is before the first light
So keep yourself together always fight the good fight
But take that special time out now and hear yourself to say
I've got keep on going I've got to make it pay



© copyright 2002 Paul M. D'Angelo