For the media

I'm sitting down most every night and watching my TV
They're telling me what's going on and this is what I see
The world just stopped with y2k how did we all survive
Make sure you do just what they say to keep yourself alive
You gotta be careful what they're knowin'
The very next thing they could be showin you
That's what they're gonna do

They don't know what they're talking about but tell me what they know
Amazing facts and useless things that keep them on the go
A waste of time a waste of mind a new perception bent
But find a new thing of great worth and they won't spend a cent
You gotta be careful what they're showin
The very next thing they could be knowin' you
Then what you gonna do

Don't think you should listen to what they say
Don't think you should bother cause that is the way
To tell them that you gotta brain and you're gonna use it too
Cause what they tell you isn't so, you got to know it's true

Self perpetuation is the name of their fair game
They'll tell you what they want to just as long as you can name
Their network and their advertisers come and look and see
They'll sell you all the stuff you want until you start to bleed

They say there's a new study but I've heard it all before
They got a bunch of people running round and knocking doors
They figure out what we all know it's we who pay the price
How many times can it be told that caffeine is a vice


Watch out for what they say for what they say it isn't so
They're telling you all this and that so everyone will know
Just what to do in case of this and what to do with that
The problem is it's all made up it's all to make them fat

So use your own mind everyday and try to know what is true
It takes a lot of work sometime to cut it down and through
The crap that hits you everyday in each and every way
Take it in and let it out that's all I've got to say




© copyright 2000 Paul M. D'Angelo