Old To New

Inspired by the break up of The Catch

It seems like you'll be moving from old to new
Like it or not it's what you got to do
Movin along each day and shedding your past
Heading headlong into the vast
Unknown of the future you know what i mean
It's scary, it's exciting, it could be a real scream
You really don't know it, what it's going to hold
That's why you hang on to what you know as old

Did you like the way it was, how it went down before
If you did you've got to hang on got to try it some more
But what if you're not sure what yesterday had really wrought
Its ups its downs its ins its outs can be bring to you a thought
The choice that comes and must be made can make a real fool
When you think you've really got it, you know it's so cool
You'll be able to know really only when you can see
Take a look in your soul and know what should be

Old to new
Old to new
You can't stop it if you wanted
So you got to get through
Old to new
Old to new
You got to be undaunted
You got to be you

It's the story of life moving old to new
It's been done like this forever, mostly without a clue
None of us can know exactly what will go on
We just keep on hoping that we'll see the next dawn
So if you're sliding to a space you know you want to be
Or if you're going into a place you know you'll want to flee
Keep your eyes open it's your only chance
Moving along to the 'life is changing' dance



© copyright 2000 Paul M. D'Angelo