Check these songs out for some samples of my playing.

One Day Closer

This tune is the newest I've recorded (Labor Day weekend 2004). This is a demo version of a song "One Day Closer", written by Jimmy Stockstill. Actually Jimmy not only wrote it, but he plays all instruments (except for drums) on the tune.

These following two songs have just been added. They were "discovered" by Bob, The Catch's great lead guitar player and songwriter. We call them "Classic Catch". They were recorded back in 1991.

I'm Buying is a Bob Crerie original. It's a blast to play on drums and has a nasty lead guitar part!

I'm Buying

Different is a Bill Rose original. It's one of my all-time favorite Catch tunes.


All of the tunes following were done with The Catch, the best group of guys anyone could ever play music with.

Hurricane Girl

This is a psychedelic rock tune written by my good old friend Bob Crerie. It's an in your face guitar-fest, with special effects galore. This was the last song we recorded on the night of our marathon session that created the basis for the "Still Like to Rock and Roll" CD. This is when I was tired, it was 2:00 in the morning, but we pulled out all of the stops and created this monster. That's Milton Bullock on Bass Guitar and Harmonies and Jimi Naccarato on Keyboards and Harmonies.

Check is in the Mail

This funky delight was written by another old friend, Milton Bullock. Milton's forte was great arrangements and clever lyrics. This one definitely kicks some ass with its funky beat, original lyrics, nasty guitar, and naturally the nice drum part that Milton left room for me to play. That's Bob Crerie on Guitar and Harmonies and Jimi Naccarato on Keyboards and Harmonies.

Keep on Movin'

A moody, jazzy one from Milton. Lots of fun putting this one together. That's me on drums and triangle. Milton is on lead vocals, bass guitar and claves. Bob is on guitars and Jimi throws together the tasty keyboards.

Still Like to Rock.... and Roll

One of the BEST rock songs you will EVER HEAR! High energy, great guitar, fabulous keys, and keep an ear out for those background harmonies! A Bob Crerie original, so you know it smokes!

All you got to say is Yes

The word every guy wants to hear from his girl! A Milton Bullock original with a tip o' the hat to Little Feat, whose style greatly influenced the sound of this tune.