Here are three generations of bass drum pedal. Since they are all family, I love them equally as well.

The "youngster". A DW 5000 double-bass pedal. FANTASTIC action. Don't think I've ever played any pedal that was better.

"Dad". A Slingerland "Yellow Jacket". Built like a tank. Played many many gigs with this pedal. Like the DW's better, but this still maintains a place in my heart.

"Grampa". A Ludwig "Speed King" pedal circa late 1960's. I still have this pedal in my hardware bag as a backup (which I needed one night when my friend "Dad" above broke a spring!) A little silicone spray helps mute the famous squeak. Remember, John Bonham probably did most of his most well known bass-drum work with one of these.

A second picture just to show the classic design of the pedal.