Ok, here is the page in tribute to my "newer" workhorse drums. I acquired these drums in 1990 (of course, they were used) from my extended family. My favorite father-in-law, Dick Iames, and Jo Bourne bought Jo's son Tim a set of used drums from a private owner. Tim was interested in playing drums, but like so many musicians, the interest waned after a period of time. Dad and Jo offered me the drums to use and I've had them ever since. These drums do all of my travelling to gigs, so I can leave my now almost antique Ludwigs at home. It is a Pearl Export set, 14"x22" bass drum, 8"x12" and 9"x13" mounted toms, and a 16"x16" floor tom. It also has a really nice 6 1/2"x14" Pearl snare drum that has a really nice clean sound. The drums sound GREAT. They project really well and have a nice deep sound, perfect for playing in clubs or outdoors. Here are several shots: